Volume & Lash Mascara


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CURVED BRUSH: Curling eyelashes with a brush that is curved like a snowflake.

NATURAL CURLING EYELASH FIRM: Pull the short, powerless eyelashes from the roots to create powerful curling.

RICH EYELASH RENDERING: The thin film membrane is formed to create a rich volume like my eyebrows.

SPECTACULAR CURVE BRUSH: Long-lash production is designed to fit your eyes with a very curving brush.

Each lash with a tantalizing touch and luxuriantly from the root.

Volume & Curling A rich volume of the curved brush Easy Cleaning Clear and ultra-long-lasting without smudging for long hours

Net Weight: 7g



ALLANTOIN. Helps protect/ soothe sensitive eye skin by soothing skin and relieving irritation.

PANTHENOL: Provides shine and moisture to the skin and helps keep the skin moist around the eyes.