Mild Cleansing Foam


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UNNY Club Mild Cleansing Foam - Laycy

Moisture-full without any taut feel. The low-irritant cleansing foam makes the skin clean and moisturised with viscous foam containing ceramide water*.

1. Soft, Dense Foam
The abundant fine foam reduces friction with the skin while washing the face and removes daily makeup, sebum, and impurities from the skin

2. Low-irritant, highly moisturising facial cleansing
23 kinds of herbal complex minimise the taut feel and irritation after washing the face

3. Moisturised finish even after washing the face
Contains ceramide water and amino acid compound, which provides a moisture retention effect. Moisture care for skin damaged from facial cleansing

*What is ceramide water?
A compound ingredients made of 8 kinds of amino acids that improve skin moisture (The description above is applicable only to the characteristics of raw ingredients)


Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm and fully lather. Lightly rub the entire face in a massaging motion and wash off with lukewarm water



Glycerin, purified water,myristic acid,stearic acid,potashum hydroxide,palmitic acid,lauric acid,pyge-32,glyceryl stearate, pyge-100 stearate ,cocamidopropylbetine,glyceryl stearate,potashum cocoylglycinate, polyquaterium-67,sodum chloride, dysodium dithi,acrylate/C10-3 alkyl arc relate crosspolimer,polyquaterium-7,butylenglycol,fructooligosaccharide,saccharide hydrolysate,1,2-hexandiol,puluran,sulfuric extract,chamomile leaf extract,carprilic/caprictriglyceride,sodium benzoate,sodium acetate,phosphatidylcholine,ceramide enfin,ceramide reeds extract,licorice extract,Blackleaf extract,green bean extract, sucrose extract, lettuce extract,Matchi extract,plum extract,quince extract, White extract,pathogen extract,apricot extract,lettuce extract,syphilitic extract,tooth extract,root extract,crop bark/sap extract,sea trout extract,topiary extract Golden extract,sewage extract, Donga seed extract,hydroxypropylstachiposphate,cetearyl alcohol,cetearyl ollivate,green tea extract,glycin,sorbitanolivate, cetearyl glucoside,Ethylhexylglycerin,rosemary leaf extract,oregano extract, lavender flower extract,anthracite/leaf/stem extract,glutamic acid,serine,laisin,alanine, Algin,threonine,Proline,glucose, fragrance, limonene, Li day care

UNNY Club Mild Cleansing Foam - Laycy