Longlash Waterproof Mascara


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Brush design with 3mm small diameter. This intelligent design helps the brush be able to deliver a 360° coating. Keep eyelashes long and curled for a long time, especially suitable for those who have short and fine lashes.(Fiber-filled Mascara for Crazy length & Curled & Separate natural lashes)Lightweight and never weigh your lashes down.

On top of the unique brush design, it is also able to resist water, sweat, sebum, and smudge.Easy to get hottest korean star eyelash makeup.


1. Long & Curled & Separate (Formulated with fiber to grow lashes longer)

2. 3mm Micro-brush for 360° Coating Short and Fine lashes

3.Not clumpy & Lightweight

4.Long-lasting & Not smudgy

5.Resist Water, Sweat, and Sebum



1. Curl eyelashes

2. Use a mascara brush, horizontally and upward

3. The eyelashes of the eye-head should be tilted 45° from 1/3 of the eyelash brush to the eye head

4. The eyelashes at the end of the eye tilt toward the end of the mascara

5. Gently remove the lashes with your fingers and brush the mascara vertically

6. Brush your eyelashes horizontally again for an instant increase effect



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