Charcoal Hydrating Ampoul Mask (Black pearl)


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The famous "color-absorbing mask" absorbs dirt while moisturizing deeply! The black pearl essence is combined with the bamboo charcoal fiber mask to absorb residual cosmetics, pigments, and other dirt, and at the same time introduces the essence of strawberry, the white lily to improve dullness and brighten the skin.

Brightening: The mask contains black pearl essence, which provides skin with nutrients, and helps to brighten skin tone.

Antioxidant: Strawberry extract resists oxidation and adds skin radiance; white lily essence evens skin tone, together with allantoin soothes and moisturizes skin to maintain a healthy condition.

Absorbing dirt: The bamboo charcoal fiber mask is combined with bamboo charcoal powder to absorb dirt and grease so that the skin is more purifying and clear, and the pores can“ breathe“.


Black Pearl Essence: Revitalizes glow and brightens skin tone.

Strawberry extract: Anti-oxidation and add skin radiance

White lily essence: Even skin tone, moisturizing

Allantoin: Soothing and moisturizing

Bamboo charcoal powder: Sucking away dirt and grease