AKMA Cream SS - Broccoli & Friend

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: Super Vegetable containing 75% vitamins and nutrients purify the skin while tightening pores.

: Included vitamin C activates the collagen and carrots clean the skin.

: Retained cabbage is an emollient effect on skin and tomatoes remove excessive sebum and clogged pores.

: Multi-moisture cream that will support the natural healing of the skin.

: Vegetable essential oil will soothe the skin.

: Skin hypo test completion.

* With its own boiling method (combining oil-based and water-based using the hot water boiling)

Moisturizing is UP! Oily feeling DOWN!

* 10 no additives (mineral oil, animal oil, artificial flavor, propylene glycol, parabens profile

Benzophenone, 1,4-dioxin, artificial coloring, acrylamide, butylparaben)
: German production broccoli 35%, D-T juice Complex (tomatoes, carrots, cabbage) containing 40%.

: Boyle process (oil-based and water-based hot water, coupled to each other by using hot water) is produced by and moisturizing force up oil feeling down.

: The skin and pores clean, and keep them moist and the skin of Halifax.

: 24-hour moisturizing maintenance

: Gel-cream formulation


: German broccoli 35%, D-T JUICE COMPLEX 40% (tomato, carrot, cabbage)

Direction for Use
: Take an appropriate amount,  please apply to the face and body.

Country of Origin: South Korea

Volume: 75g

SINCE 2012

Believe in moisturizing foreign students


Expiry date: 23 March 2022